Our 15th Year – Love is a verb

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January 27, 2024 marked the beginning of our 15th year of Suann Ingle Associates LLC. I am compelled to connect Valentine’s Day to the milestone (as I’ve done before 2016 Blog Post & Top Ten Reasons). When we founded, I had already logged 17 years helping trial attorneys present their best selves to civil juries, judges and to the clients they represented on high-pressure, high-stakes cases. But loving this work continues to make every day feel like the first. So much to learn, and yet, so much upon which to draw and apply at once.

And before you get all “you’re so lucky you found your passion,” I will tell you what I tell my 20+ nieces and nephews (who are now beginning to raise their own children): Passion isn’t really a noun to be found, it’s more of an action word and descriptor. Love with passion, act with passion. Every case comes with the anticipation of discovering, learning, mastering, applying, teaching and testing. Every case involves someone new, something new, and something unexpected. I’ve said this many times, that during almost any case, “something happens that’s never happened before.”

We were recently informed after a significant and worthy effort to support a weeklong arbitration a few months ago, that our client received a “complete and total victory.” While the wins are definitely easier than the losses, we welcomed the news knowing we served this team with the same vigor and effectiveness with which we have served teams in the past, whose results were not so happy.

One juror’s quote in a post-trial interview has remained with me, “preparation is a form of respect.” In a world where so much is out of our control, preparation is often well within our control. In fact, it might be the only thing within our control during some trials. Even when all goes perfectly well and according to plan, a team may still lose.

Our finetuned process is our product. One improvement after the other, after every case, every time, is a commitment we make with love. Love for our work, love for our clients, and love for each other.

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