Top Ten Reasons I Love My Work

I am writing from a war room 14 days into trial. Picture a fun, familiar and full trial team, moving in customary fits of urgency amidst equal parts strategy and execution. They are seamlessly operating as one, a team made up of strong members — the experienced ones guiding and harnessing the energy of the less experienced, the less experienced providing that ebullience of the first time inspiring the more experienced ones. All for one and one for all sort of thing. Finding myself surrounded by others who enjoy the demanding work of trial, prompted me to capture some of the reasons I love it:

  1. Helping Clients Tell Their Story
    There’s always a story and often more than one – coming up with ways that fit best, that match styles and circumstance is fulfilling work;
  2. Applying Experience
    There is joy in that moment, when one tiny little detail from trials past solves the problem at hand in the most natural, well trained reflex because we’ve seen it before;
  3. Easing Pressure
    We are often supporting intelligent, ambitious and hard working people, who haven’t been to trial in a long while, or who find themselves in trial for the first time. Anticipating needs and providing assurances in an intimidating environment brings a satisfaction as unique as the pressure itself;
  4. Preparing Clients to Shine
    When the many moving parts come together and a trial attorney completes a well developed examination or delivers a great opening statement, with nimble grace that would not have been as tight and effective and smooth without our help, there is fulfillment in that success;
  5. Honoring Pomp and Circumstance of Trial
    Vignettes like the federal judge who entered every single time with a flourish, as if on a curtain call cue, making everyone smile each time he flipped the back of his robe up to settle in at the bench, remain a topic of war story gatherings. The courtroom deputy who started each morning’s “Oyez! Oyez!” with such gusto as to inspire solemn attention still makes me smile. I love the formality. There is so little in our current society that values and demands it;
  6. Connecting With People
    You can’t fake the people thing. You either enjoy meeting new people and getting to know them or you don’t. Luckily, I and my team do;
  7. Being Part of a Team
    Finding a place on a team of new people is a gift. Getting to know them in that intense war-room inspired closeness, a privilege;
  8. Transforming Information  
    Edward Tufte was right, information can be beautiful. There is a valuable and residual benefit to arranging information in a way that sparks appeal, proportion and curiosity in the viewer;
  9. Honoring the Justice System
    I am reminded each time I walk into the courtroom how much I cherish our legal system; and
  10. Learning about Specific and Nuanced Areas of Expertise
    Go ahead, ask me about opioid alternatives or the pros and cons of acetal copolymers or the way excess insurance works.

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