Trial stories

Trial Story-Insurance Law


In an asbestos coverage bench trial, we assisted a Philadelphia based AmLaw 100 law firm representing a pump manufacturing company in the pursuit of excess insurance coverage. Working with counsel at the “pen to paper” stage, we developed a simple animated tutorial that illustrated the exhaustion principles and secured coverage for the manufacturer on future claims. Read more.

Trial Story-Employment Law


We assisted a California based AmLaw 100 labor and employment firm representing a health-care system in a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by a physician. Through in person meetings and exhaustive review of the documents, we worked with counsel to develop and test a strategic series of visuals to depict evidence of egregious deviation from the standard of care that resulted in the termination.  Read more.

Trial Story -Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

We assisted a Washington D.C. based AmLaw 100 legal team in a jury trial of a patent dispute representing a plaintiff tissue graft and regenerative therapy provider. We worked with trial counsel in preparation of trial presentations and in particular a first-time testifying expert from Tufts University to visually depict the manner in which skin cells interact with water and then react to preservation substances (plasticizers).  Read more.