Trial Technology

Our Trial Technology Consultants are more than just technicians. We become an integral part of the legal team in an effort to design, plan, prepare and implement litigation management and trial presentation solutions. We understand that each case presents its own challenges, conditions and unique circumstances. Successful trial teams need seasoned strategists who not only manage the technology during all phases of the litigation, but design and implement effective plans and solutions for the team during trial. Our trial technology team has developed time-saving and quality-driven methods to convert and digitize all forms of litigation material, trial evidence, media and information into productive, effective and useful data for controlled management and presentation. Our goal is to provide our clients with state-of-the-art litigation support, consulting advice, and virtual work product, perfectly suited to the specific trial technology needs.

Our trial technology offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • Database consulting
  • Full service video production
  • Deposition synchronization and editing
  • War room support and rehearsal
  • Presentation software and support
  • In court presentation
  • Interactive, hyper-linked, electronic brief production
  • Data archiving and preservation
  • Courtroom Technology