Our Trial Consultants understand that many cases are won on the strength of the direct examination of key witnesses and the ability to survive an intense cross-examination. Jurors want to know what happened and the motivation of the key actors. We work with witnesses, both fact and expert, to tell the story in an organized, memorable and persuasive manner. We use an integrated approach to match the witness’ own words with the visuals that emphasize and reinforce the key themes of the case. We also train the witness to be comfortable and confident in the courtroom setting.

Our offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • Review of pleadings, depositions, and dispositive motions
  • Review of jury consultant reports and mock exercise recordings
  • Full and half-day working sessions with trial team and witnesses
  • Development and production of demonstratives in support of testimony
  • Training in successful communication and presentation techniques
  • Training on courtroom and testimony etiquette
  • Recommendations on order of presentation of evidence