Trial Strategy

Our Trial Consultants read select case documents and dispositive motions and then receive a briefing on key case issues from counsel. We assess the likely problem areas for jurors in receiving and understanding the evidence and arguments of all parties, engage in structured conversations with counsel to assess likely themes and strategies of opposing counsel, and develop persuasive themes and strategies for the client. We recommend three or four themes that may be repeated throughout the trial to increase comprehension and emphasize the key issues to be decided by the jury. We also discuss witness and evidentiary issues that help the trial attorney develop an order of presentation and witness examination strategies that complements and enforces the trial themes.

Our offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • Review of pleadings, depositions, and dispositive motions
  • Revision and editing of fact portions of briefs, including trial briefs
  • Full and half-day working sessions with trial team
  • Review of jury consultant reports and mock exercise recordings
  • Development of “sound bites” that are consistent, memorable and persuasive
  • Linguistic and presentation training to improve persuasiveness and credibility
  • Rehearsal and critiques of opening statements and closing arguments