Why We Love Our Work . . .

Every once in a while an event at trial will strike a chord and remind us of why we love this work:

“Contractual obligations are fixed solely by the parties, and the language of a business contract must be construed in the light of what a business man would reasonably expect to give or receive, to perform or suffer, under its terms’.. . . In the transactions of business life, sanity of end and aim is at least a presumption, albeit subject to be rebutted.” Brown v. McGraw-Hill Book Co., 25 A.D.2d 317, 269 N.Y.S.2d 35 (N.Y.A.D.1966) 1966.

This quote from a case cited in the closing of a recent trial resonated with me. It applies to the subject matter of so many of our projects. It reminds me that at its simplest, our mission is to help people resolve conflicts, often of their own making, that they are unable to resolve themselves. We do it in the context of laws and rules written by noble, brilliant and sometimes poetic minds.

And, on good days, we’re doing it alongside hard-working, smart and compassionate attorneys representing a party about whom they care deeply and who deserve “their day in court.”

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  1. It is a pleasure to work with such a top notch company–again! Professionalism is priceless.
    Bobby McDaniel, Jonesboro, AR

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