Number 17 of “19 for 19” – “Academic Approach to Courtroom Graphics”

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Courtroom Graphics


Courtroom GraphicsThere have been a number of 2020 double meanings using the upcoming calendar year to emphasize a certain “clarity” as well as the new year. It has inspired me to resurrect a study I designed and conducted years ago that set out to test the value of sophisticated visual design against minimal or lower quality design.

How important is the role of design to the comprehension of the viewer (read juror) during live presentations? We are bombarded by imagery and layers that move and fade, all in the spirit of “more” rather than “clear.” Try to view one thing at a time with hyper focus and see how long before your attention wanders.

Years ago, we initially found that using no visual at all was more advantageous than using a poorly designed one. Given that good graphic design is by definition timeless, I am setting out to add more data to the test to accommodate a collective appetite for more, more, more. Stay tuned.

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