Number 16 of “19 for 19” – “Presentation Logistics Advantage”

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Presentation logistics advantage

After working on a complicated series of graphics to help a judge understand the repayment schedule in a real estate/construction matter set for a preliminary injunction hearing, we were granted permission to visit the courtroom and test the presentation equipment. Given that the judge had set a 30 minute time limit on the hearing, graphics were expected to play an important role in communicating the defendant’s position in a way that would make the best use of the half hour. The test went even more smoothly than expected. The clerk saw the setup test and the animated series, and mentioned it to the judge. Soon afterward, a minute-order was issued.

That judge had extended the amount of time allotted to the hearing from a half hour to two. When the team received the news, they joked that we were worth our weight in gold. “We were hoping for more time, and it happened after your technology setup test.”

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