Number 15 of “19 for 19” – “Reflecting”

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2019 Calendar

One of the best parts of true reflection or after-action is certainty. This is possible if you keep both accurate records of progress toward a goal and the promise to review them. For instance, throughout the unpredictable schedule of trial prep, I have been able to maintain a challenging yoga practice that grounds me in consistency and conditioning. At least for me, such an effort fortifies an ability to focus on supporting a team at all hours for weeks on end. Admittedly, that might be just in my head, but 90 minute sessions in 105° unplugged from the world, continue to fortify my drive to support clients outside the hot room.

Some yogis enjoy the unpredictable change-ups that their yoga styles afford. I have come to meditate better (and by meditate, I mean empty the mind), through a practice that allows me to measure miniscule changes.

And so it was that I thought back through the year in wonder…just how much does it help to carve out the two plus hours it inevitably requires to get to the studio and back during (or in between) any of our projects? I’m not willing to test the theory with the alternative, so the question more accurately is, how could I not get to the studio for those postures?

We all need our thing, the thing that sustains our appetite for this work. I once asked a group of trial support veterans what their tips or tricks were for recovery and for sustaining our schedules and received a myriad of answers that included “doing my own laundry.”

Reflecting on 2019, marking the first decade of Suann Ingle Associates – Decisive Trial Design, I’m happy to be in the exact right place gearing up for a whole new series of reflections on the business. Stay tuned for “20 for ‘20”

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