Our 13th Year Well Underway – Focused on Process

A former colleague, Steve Groo shared this chart with me when
we overlapped at one of the big trial consulting firms years ago. I have always found it a beautiful and clean depiction of the process of creating interactive and dynamic demonstratives that support attorneys in trial. Having just wrapped up a war room effort supporting a trial that required around the clock visual presentation development and witness support, it was on my mind the whole time.

Why? Because the stages hold up well, while the order has changed. In fact, order or sequence has been replaced by simultaneous execution. Each step is still vitally important to the development of sophisticated communications, but it is not a linear process anymore.

The trial teams that stay synchronous, that collaborate in ways we could only imagine just a few years ago, will accommodate the rule-breaking habit of “one step at a time” thinking. The teams that know how to “bring it all together,” in ways that render version control moot, will take the prize in trial.

We are revisiting process in the year to come with gusto and committed focus. In the same way we took deep dives into timelines to help tell stories in trial last year, we will be exploring practice and development, in particular quality mechanisms that ensure excellence, every time.

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