Number 6 of 20 for 20 – Doing Our Part

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Social distancing graphic

Source: screenshot from SIA public service announcement

After I adjusted to the grave reality of a global pandemic in my lifetime (this admittedly took more time than I would have predicted), I dove in to understand as much as possible. I felt quite dense about all the fuss. After all, historically speaking, I don’t usually get the flu.

That was only the beginning.

I saw this graphic and wrote about its power to move people to action.

Our company’s expertise in communicating complicated expert data and analysis to juries in an accessible and actionable way is perhaps JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED in this time of crisis. So we got busy, learning and drafting and consulting the experts.

I felt an urgency to do more to help “flatten the curve” by putting our courtroom communications skills to good use. But it wasn’t easy. We are finalizing a series of information graphics, which have given us purpose in this uncertain time.

I suspect that when people understand context, they can be moved to do the right thing. And the time is great for everyone to join the effort by doing their part. Our part is to support the efforts to communicate these vital recommendations. Hopefully our work will move people to continue “physical distancing” and proper handwashing. These precautionary practices, while deceptively simple, have proven to be the most important actions each one of us can take to prevent or slow the spread of this deadly virus.

And then someday soon we’ll get back to court.

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