Number 5 of 20 for 20 – A Picture Worth a Thousand Lives

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Suann Ingle

Source: screenshot from update #36, one of the many video updates published by

More than a “thousand words,” this picture is undoubtedly worth more than a thousand lives. I am not one to panic, or join the crowd mentality easily. But after a few conversations with trusted colleagues about travel during the imminent threat of COVID-19 spread, and before widespread closures, I still did not understand the warnings. After all, a prepaid conference across the country was still on, so it must be okay, right?

It was this graphic that moved me, or more accurately grounded me. One picture. The healthcare system capacity line wakes one up and calls for urgent action that affects people other than ourselves.

Information, communicated with responsible simplicity, called me to action. It is simple and persuasive.

If this doesn’t communicate the value of reliable, trustworthy and objective visual communication, nothing will.

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