Number 19 of “19 for 19” – “That’s a Lotta Suann”

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Green Suann Dolls

Sponsoring and showing up for an organization that helps level the playing field in the world of law is a long term commitment. The National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms requires a long game and says more about your core values than it does about quantifying business leads and engagements booked. My favorite part of the sponsorship is the fun I have announcing it on social media.

And so it was that my sister-in-law Clare (an entrepreneurial businesswoman herself) noticed our recent participation in NAMWOLF’s Annual Law Firm Expo in LA. When she commented on one of our social media posts with, “that’s a lotta Suann,” I laughed.

The 8 foot banner of our Instagram feed was hard to miss. More than my image and the company in action though, it is the smiling little phone-holding figure we affectionately call the SIA “squeezie peep” that most accurately represents who we are.

Assisting trial teams on behalf of corporate parties in multimillion dollar civil disputes demands an appetite for newness, adaptability, challenge and good humor is just the sell line. The wide open arms and smile are the hallmarks that carry us into 2020 with a level of commitment and degree of caring that makes us unique.

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