Number 10 of “19 for 19” – Authenticity

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at home in the courtroom

I often take the best of what I learned in courtrooms and Toastmasters and package it for workshops to teach public speaking techniques that help any presentation. During development of the accompanying visuals, exploring the concept of authenticity emerged as a vital component. What does that oft’ word mean anyway?

Practically speaking, it means to bring your whole self to a mission. You stand before jurors (or clients or any audience), feet firmly planted and ask for something, as an advocate, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a community member, an expert, a scientist and/or an adviser among others. Hiding or ignoring or denying any of those parts of you will affect the way you deliver your message. The closer those disparate parts of you overlap, the better and more effective you (the authentic you) will perform.

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