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I write with gratitude for the woman who hired me away from corporate America and gave me my first glimpse of the trial consulting world. (Coca-Cola NY limited my color palette, but did great things for my sense of good business). She was nearing the end of her tenure at one of the first ever Trial Consulting and Demonstrative Evidence firms called Litigation Sciences.  We wished each other luck when she founded her own company supporting loyal trial attorney clients with sophisticated graphics and visual communications consulting.

Knowing those attorneys “wouldn’t go to trial without Lillian,” gave me a clear purpose. I set out to find my own set of attorneys to inspire the same feeling. We kept an eye on one another’s progress down very different paths with mutual respect in a niche industry that draws as many unique personalities as it does interesting case facts. Once when a client mentioned Lillian was the only graphics consultant she would hire, I remember very clearly saying, “she hired me years ago, and with all I’ve seen since, I agree with you. I don’t think there’s anyone better.” I meant it. We weren’t offering the same exact service, so I felt safe and authentic saying so. The client was impressed enough to thank me for it.

I didn’t know at the time how much we were already building complementary practices. Where I thrive in being a part of whatever needs to be done, in the thrill of trial (including its requisite, often Herculean preparation), Lillian prefers the digging in and studying expert reports or other filings that require deep comprehension and reflection. This regularly results in aesthetically beautiful visual communication.

Life is full of circles and if you are paying attention, perhaps you can guess what’s next. It should surprise no one that our paths have intersected again resulting in our decision to form a strategic partnership. After many discussions, we have discovered the same characteristics drive us. The longevity that pure stubbornness, stamina and single-mindedness fuel in this partnership is based on standards we will not compromise. Luckily for us our experiences are complementary in that I love the mix of travel and technology and execution and on-site “stuff,” while she thrives in the deep, deep details of examination outlines and challenges of expert report demonstratives in action as the foundation of any case.

Recently, I was able to hear three women CEOs discuss their journeys and outlooks. All seemed to agree that “women helping women” has largely replaced the old standard of the opposite. Perhaps it’s because there are more seats at the table now, and the “token female” has at long last been replaced by critical masses of women not just at the table but at the helm. Women who now have the confidence of knowing that there are plenty of seasoned women sticking together who agree that together they are greater than the sum of their parts.

What does this means for you? More coverage, more seasoned guidance, more creative solutions, more enthusiasm in the search for the perfect solution to that elusive demonstrative to support Opening, Closing or a key expert’s direct testimony. Top that off with an open-armed willingness to go the extra mile for you, doubled up, together, with gusto.

Very truly yours,


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  1. I have been lucky (blessed) to be working with both of these strong women again, having first worked for them some twenty-plus years ago with my first foray into legal graphics and consulting. If, as Branch Rickey once said, luck is the residue of design, then this design has been years in the making to complete a perfect circle.

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