We all get busy but consider this an invitation to join me on my “19 for 19” journey writing about helping attorneys present and persuade in the courtroom.

In drawing a roadmap for the 2019 edition of this blog, I begin this first post, editing as I type, forgetting that one of my mantras has long been, “pen to paper.” After all, when I think about some of the best opening statements or closing arguments I have witnessed over my 25 years of assisting attorneys in the courtroom, that image comes to mind. In one form or another, it’s how most of those presentations have begun, with pen to paper.

And that leads me to an image that inspires this post.

It occurred to me, when it was time to send thoughts on paper to clients and friends last month, that the Suann Ingle Associates – Decisive Trial Design Instagram page has been a consistent and effective way to engage and invite the world to the fun we continue to have, growing, assisting and learning in our emerging snapshot culture of the constant scroll.

For many years, we have been teaching attorneys, “show, don’t just tell” and “make it brief, repeatable and memorable.” I’m ready to commit to a little bit more than the “insta” in Instagram.

With that in mind, I invite you to come along and enjoy our “19 for 19” reflections on the good work that keeps us busy.

I begin the series with an appreciation for the organizations that we as a company were fortunate to support last year. 

They are doing important work, and our world is better for it.