An appreciation for longevity

– Number 2 of “19 for 19”


“The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”- Marcel Proust.
I have been marveling that this is year ten of Suann Ingle Associates – Decisive Trial Design.

When we speak of experience as a selling point, we are often neglecting what really sells about having done something for a long time (after all, I have been practicing trial communications support since 1994). It’s not the tally of trials I personally have marked over 25 years, but rather the willingness to go back for more in that context, to bring those years, those challenges to every single new case that many people find remarkable. That’s a lot of trials in an industry that is seeing less and less of them. To see the same old thing with new eyes, defines our contributions to trial teams best.

Perhaps that is why I am increasingly drawn to veterans of any industry; practitioners who continue to hone skills and maintain enthusiasm for what they have been doing for a long time.

Our strategic partner Lillian Romano, of VisuaLex LLC is one example. Her recent Opioid Blog series speaks for itself.

Christianne Ricchi, sole proprietor of the DC eating establishment, i Ricchi, is another example. Celebrating her 30th anniversary in an increasingly difficult environment for restaurateurs, i Ricchi remains a DC staple frequented by many fans, including those from the last four administrations.

Lastly, I have had the distinct pleasure of working with several trial attorneys in the last few years who are thriving and representing clients well past their retirement years. David Berg, during the filming of his promo video for the SECOND EDITION of his ABA Bestseller THE TRIAL LAWYER – WHAT IT TAKES TO WIN, concludes with “I can’t wait ’til my next trial.”

Why am I impressed with the three aforementioned folks? Because, like others I have worked alongside and gotten to know, they are enthusiastic, experts in their field and driven to improve their skills on a daily basis. We are distinguished by the energy we bring to the jobs we love, bringing the right answers, solutions, questions and clarity every time, as if for the first time to those we serve.

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