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Following a 10-day trial, the jury found four of the skin graft products infringed all seven asserted claims of the patent, which was not found to be invalid based on being anticipated or obvious, or for lack of enablement. The plaintiff was awarded a lump sum of $34.7 million.

In a life sciences patent dispute, we assisted a Washington DC based, AmLaw 100 legal team in a jury trial. We worked with trial counsel in preparation of trial presentations and in particular a first-time testifying expert from Tufts University to visually depict the manner in which skin cells interact with water and then react to preservation substances (plasticizers).

We kept pace with a sizable trial team working around the clock to prepare for each day’s testimony. This included presenting evidence and demonstratives, using sophisticated video presentation styles with scrolling text of witness deposition testimony in combination with handwritten notations on paper charts projected to jury screens throughout the courtroom.

The jury found infringement of the plaintiff’s patent improving the preservation of soft-tissue grafts, and rejected the defendant’s invalidity defenses. The jury awarded our client nearly $35MM.