More than desktop power point illustrations, great presentations at trial are the result of experience, attention, synthesis, connection and strategy.

In an insurance asbestos coverage bench trial, we assisted a Philadelphia based AmLaw 100 law firm representing a pump manufacturing company in the pursuit of excess coverage. Working with counsel at the “pen to paper” stage, we developed a simple animated tutorial that illustrated the exhaustion principles and secured coverage for the manufacturer on future claims.

Key to the case was educating the judge on the distinction between aggregate and non-aggregate policy terms. In conjunction with the expert witness, we developed a series of visuals and color coded photographs of a model pump. The expert walked the judge through the design of the pump, part-by-part, to show the efforts to which the company went to prevent mishandling and promote safety.

We met with claims processing teams and developed visuals to illustrate the claims processing method using step-by-step flow charts and screens that conveyed accuracy and efficiency in procedures. We coordinated with trial presentation technicians and assisted with the closing argument on-site, developing visuals during the rehearsals with the team. In the courtroom, we ran the presentation system in step with the lead attorney.

After a year and a half of scattered testimony days, lead trial counsel used the tutorial exhaustion graphic in closing argument to tie everything together for the judge, resulting in a favorable verdict for our client.