Winning trials, whether by jury or judge/arbiter, is about authentic witnesses who tell credible stories.

In a high profile wrongful termination case, we assisted a California based AmLaw 100 labor and employment firm representing a regional healthcare system. Through in person meetings and exhaustive review of the documents, we worked with counsel to develop and test a strategic series of visuals to depict evidence of deviation from the standard of care that resulted in the termination.

We prepared physicians for fact and expert testimony, listening to the observations and beliefs and then facilitating the natural delivery of the information. In familiarizing these witnesses with the constructs of the courtroom question and answer process, we provided a tangible platform on which to convey the necessary support to the legal argument that would help the hospital system prevail.

We provided mock jury research and sophisticated visual communications development in order to aid counsel in conveying the likelihood that a jury would find for the medical delivery network after “seeing” the evidence. We also trained the law firm’s presentation technician and provided backup to the firm in preparing the presentation technology.

We rehearsed and refined lead counsel’s presentation for both opening statement and closing argument and provided strategic consulting that bolstered the client’s settlement position.

The matter was settled favorably before opening statements.