Our 14th Year – Trust the Process

Our 14th Year

We recently underwent a process akin to our own trial attorney client approach in order to produce company video segments that summarize and highlight our “secret sauce.” Along the vein of “slowly does it,”* we have navigated the waters of pandemic related disruption and its aftermath by examining the very essence of our mission: to assist attorneys and strategic partners in civil trials preparation by providing premium visual strategies, interactive technology and accessible jury research to ensure parties make the best of their long awaited “day in court.”

Our team spent time with our producers (Grumpy Entertainment Inc, affectionately referred to as the Grumpies), mostly in person, and went about our work while they listened and reflected back to us what they had heard and understood. That process took presence, listening and collaboration. We answered questions, and they reflected back what they heard in both conversations and in written form, and we tweaked, refined and crafted together in order to reach what felt like our natural voice.

Then, we had to deliver for the camera, which was our equivalent of “go time.” It was easy to draw the similarity to our work with our elite clients at the podium. It’s all about genuine client relationship integration and execution.

And, just like many typical client engagement relationships, we are already looking forward to our next chapter of video content with the Grumpies and their team.

We are grateful to Jason Jude Hill and Daniel Sears of Grumpy Entertainment, Inc., for their attention and expertise. I was introduced to their work through the certification process for the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce . It aligned with our values to choose Grumpy Entertainment, Inc., because the quality of their work came first, and their alignment with our shared values was revealed as our work progressed.

*subtle nod to our tree theme for the year from Peter Wohlleben’s THE HIDDEN LIFE OF TREES: “Thanks to slow growth, their inner woody cells are tiny and contain almost no air. That makes trees flexible and resistant to breaking in storms.”

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