Our 13th Year Series – Improvement Process


As part of our core value for continued improvement, we hunkered down recently and fully immersed ourselves in formal training modules for three different software platforms commonly used in our industry. To the envy of some colleagues, the timing was right to block out the “always urgent” world of trial prep and focus exclusively on the task at hand – a deep dive into the luxury of learning.

The modules were made so that participants could partake at their convenience, in an asynchronous mode. But something as simple as sharing the same space while studying them, enhanced the experience of each and ensured our ability to apply each lesson almost immediately. We were able to react together and share application examples in a robust pursuit of solutions that improve our practice.

Bravery, and the willingness to risk looking imperfect, are key ingredients to successful collaboration. After all, sharing initial, inchoate thoughts is risky, like thinking out loud. Lifting the hood, and having a look at the insides together holds immense potential for greatness. Like actors are taught the rules of improvisation, so too we can continue to bear the fruits of collaboration. Serving clients who are facing pivotal challenges in the courtroom is ideal with a collaborative team approach. Discussing differing perspectives of a problem, and allowing another team member to try it her way yields in-the-moment techniques that make trial attorneys want to work with us again and again.

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