Our 13th Year – Germination


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As we head into final preparations for our upcoming webinar [Patent Litigation Demonstratives Panel Webinar], and travel to San Diego to support this year’s Driving Diversity and Leadership Conference (NAMWOLF), I cannot help but notice the similarities between our tree theme for the year and our work in general. Being together in a physical place of alignment and shared values represents the fertile conditions for growth and fruitful connection. When the right ingredients are present, all things are possible: Oxygen, right temperature, light or darkness and water.

Oxygen as a necessary condition is an easy similarity to draw. If one person takes up all the air in the room, there will be no productive exchange and subsequent thriving. If the temperature is too hot or too cold, people won’t be comfortable enough to be themselves and engage in substantive collaboration. If those needing light or dark have neither, they won’t thrive. That reminds me of the paralysis felt by introverts in a loud, crowded room or the inertia felt by extroverts who have spent too much time alone.

suann ingle

And so, it’s a miracle of sorts when one seed germinates and grows to be part of a thriving, interconnected forest of trees.

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