Number 16 of 21 for 21 – Encomium Grateful

Suann Ingle Associates

David Douglass in action along with Sarah Frazier and Jennifer Short at the 2019 ABA Qui Tam Trial Institute in NYC


Endorsements, especially those from clients who’ve shared the pressure of late nights in preparation for important matters are special. I remember the feeling of receiving a letter in 1996 via the U.S.P.S. in my office weeks after a dynamic team effort, thanking me for our support. It was literally heartwarming and immediately made the work feel important and worthwhile. It meant so much that it remains in my files: Hon. Leslie Crocker Snyder letter

Consistently garnering such praise would be challenging but I vowed to try. In doing so, I’ve sought out testimonials from clients each year, so that our longevity could be seen at a glance on our encomiums page. When David Douglass, Managing Partner at Sheppard Mullin recently responded, I realized he articulated a way of being for me (while inspiring a blush).

“Suann is the dream trial partner. She transforms ideas into compelling visuals which, in turn, improve your ideas. Working with her is like ballroom dancing. She is right there with you step for step. She’s quick, precise, energetic, creative and has killer style.”

And for that, I am most grateful this Thanksgiving season. I am buoyed by any effort to convey appreciation for our work. Helping people perform at unique moments of immense pressure, high hurdles and adversarial distraction, is a joy made greater by a heartfelt encomium.

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