Number 12 of “19 for 19” – “Going LIVE”

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Suann Ingle

My friend Joanne’s mom “Re” explained more than once years ago that she took the time to write out exactly what she wanted to say before leaving a voice message on those “newfangled” things called answering machines back when that practice was still new. If her voice was going to be recorded she wanted to sound clear and to the point. It got me thinking about the value of such a practice in trial preparation.

I’ve written about the importance of rehearsing for the courtroom , while fully acknowledging that there are often insurmountable barriers to it. Given the reality of litigation, full-fledged rehearsals are luxuries. It might be helpful to remember that we are all carrying one of the best tools around with us every single day: our smartphones have the ability to record and review our voices.

Hitting “record” provides a simple, yet excellent jumping off point for an attorney who needs to refine her Opening Statement or other high-pressure presentation designed to be delivered to a judge or jury.

After planning out a few minutes or a good portion of any given presentation, hitting “record” on your smartphone could yield results that make good presentations great. Further, listening to and transcribing each recorded segment (also made more practical by transcription software on our phones), affords you the opportunity to further refine and wordsmith, especially if you’ve recorded without reading.

I have seen remarkable improvement and clarity in client presentations among those who record themselves with or without an audience.

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