Number 10 of 21 for 21 – ASTC Board

I recently completed my board term with the 35+ year old non-profit, American Society of Trial Consultants. I agreed to join the veterans panel at this year’s annual conference, (designed to help attendees gain exposure to experienced consultants), a fitting way to celebrate my time on the board.

The thread among each of us, as we fielded questions from our moderator, a veteran herself, was “relationships” and “endurance” in an industry that relies on both for its very existence.
Longevity marking our practices as we spoke, was compelling. Yes, the more time you put in, the more stories you have. The more stories you have, the more solutions you might supply your clients. Imagine, because so many forces are at play to derail an arduous journey to trial, that those stories play a significant role in our continued contribution and commitment to the field.

Every single trial, something happens that hasn’t happened before. Staying connected through the long periods between trials, is a gift. Pete spoke of the wonder of working the phones (yes, phones still have a relevant place) until someone says, “you know, I’ve got a case you might be able to support,” amazed how often it happens. This was a good reminder that the simple gesture of dialing someone on the phone still yields valuable results.

Camaraderie among colleagues as well as clients, is invaluable. My part in the development and ultimate passage of the Visual Communications section to the Standards is an accomplishment I will long cherish. Driven enough to lock myself in a Dallas conference room with Ric Dexter, the then president, to hammer it all out shows the power of our membership and our drive to excel.

Further, serving my term on the board felt like a stewardship – taking temporary care, contributing to a well considered and long vital mission to Enrich our Members, Enhance Advocacy and Promote Excellence.

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