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Ruby Sprengle Ruby Sprengle

Ruby Sprengle

Presentation Specialist

A born problem-solver with a keen eye for details, Ruby Sprengle draws on her experiences as both a designer and as a teacher to help create innovative design solutions, tell a compelling visual story, teach complex concepts, and get the job done.

Ruby earned a double major from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor’s in French and a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Product Design. As a product designer in Portland, Oregon, she worked primarily in the athletic apparel industry with companies including Nike, Icebreaker, Champion, Zumba, and Target.
Passionate about learning new technology and unafraid to jump headfirst into a new program or design challenge, Ruby brings a can-do attitude to every project. Her skills elevate multiple creative platforms, such as Adobe Creative Suite, Blender, and Powerpoint.

She had always wanted to share her passion for design and love of learning with the next generation, so Ruby moved from Portland to Monterey, California where she became a public school teacher. She established Digital Art and Graphic Design programs at two different high schools in the area and these programs continue to flourish today. Her experience of designing with the end in mind helped her to quickly excel as a teacher. A truly great teacher must be able to break down complex concepts into easily understandable pieces, then guide the student through the process of putting all these pieces back together. Finally, the student should be able to confidently come to the final conclusion feeling as if they did it all on their own. This process mirrors exactly what our team does for our clients.

After six years in the classroom, Ruby made her move to the courtroom. Her unique combination of teaching and design expertise gives the elite team at Suann Ingle Associates a distinctive advantage.