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Juliet Erickson Juliet Erickson

Juliet Erickson

Senior Trial Consultant

Juliet is a communication specialist and author. She consults with international legal and corporate clients facing high stakes disputes where positive outcomes are critical. Her trial consulting experience spans over 20 years in the United States, Europe and Australia, including coaching lead trial counsel and key end clients in mock exercises and dispute resolution matters. Her expertise includes Case Presentation Feedback, Theme Development, Storytelling and Witness Preparation.

Juliet builds confidence in leaders and creates compelling and authentic messaging and delivery. Client firms have also engaged her to advise senior attorneys in a range of leadership communication contexts.

Juliet successfully advised both the Sydney and the London Olympic Bid Teams during the critical visits from the IOC and the preparations in the lead up to the final decision. She works with business leaders and entrepreneurs, TED speakers, politicians, academics, scientists, sportsmen and women, entertainers and public figures in organizations around the world. Juliet has published four books – Power Skills for Women in Body Language and Communication (Eddison Books Ltd., 2020), The Nimble Negotiator: Beat Negotiation At Its Own Game (Provideo Press, 2014), Nine Ways to Walk Around A Boulder (Kyle Cathie, 2008), The Art of Persuasion (Hodder Mobius, 2004).  All four contain timeless tips that apply to litigation.

Juliet was a founding partner of Rogen International, a global communication consultancy that develops skills and strategies for individuals in high stakes communication. She was responsible for global growth of the company and was involved in establishing offices in Sydney, Los Angeles, New York and London.

Juliet commutes regularly between Santa Fe, New Mexico, New York and London, has been a lecturer at Stanford University and is a sought-after speaker worldwide. She ensures that her clients have the focus, force and energy to enhance the clarity and influence of the messages they send to audiences and to prepare them to deliver a cohesive, compelling and clear case.