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Alan Kauffer Alan Kauffer

Alan Kauffer

Senior Trial Technology Consultant

Alan began his litigation support career in 1991, breaking into the industry during the infancy of the video deposition. During the 90’s, he became a skilled digital video expert, which has been an integral part of his toolkit for legal presentations. Also, during this time, Alan cultivated a proficiency in litigation graphics that has served him well, having produced thousands of visuals for the courtroom to date.

Since 2000, Alan has been presenting in Trial Director and has vast knowledge in every version of the software. He has managed trials in over 40 cities around the country and has spent over 250 weeks in courtrooms and war rooms supporting the nation’s best trial attorneys. He has organized, coordinated, and presented in over 150 complex legal matters with a focus on product liability, environmental law, patent infringement, and commercial litigation.

Alan has extensive knowledge and experience in all facets of trial presentation. He always brings a calm and positive attitude to every situation, works well under pressure, and adapts easily to last minute change. Along with these attributes and his wide-range of support, the trial team can concentrate on what they do best.
Alan holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Relations from West Virginia University and, throughout his career, has taught many litigators and colleagues alike the efficacy of trial presentation.

Significant Cases
Florida Engle Progeny Tobacco Litigation (six trials over five years)
Sprint v. TimeWarner VoIP Patent Litigation
Johnson & Johnson v. Medtronic Stent Patent Litigation
McDonnell Douglas & General Dynamics v. United States Navy
Oki Electric Industry v. Shenzhen Yihua Computer
Olin v. London Market Insurers (thirteen trials over sixteen years)