Number 20 of 20 for 20 – Special Sauce

Suann Ingle

I was so struck by comments in an October 2019 profile about journalist Rachel Maddow’s approach to her work, that I tucked the magazine into my folder for future blog topics. Well, today’s the day. Despite the time that has passed since I first read it, this quote in particular captured my attention:

“Her father liked to watch sports on television on mute, listening along to the radio commentary instead. He had found a way to make television smarter.”

Radio commentators are long known for painting “word pictures” to quote my favorite Mets announcer Bob Murphy. To combine radio audio with television video is clever, an insightful example of going that extra mile we so often walk to foster deep understanding.

I often begin CLE presentations about visual communication for the courtroom with “a picture may be worth a thousand words, but what are those words?” Wordsmithing the thousand words precisely is just as important as painting that proverbial picture when presenting to judges and juries. Combining the two disciplines is something we do naturally. Bob Maddow’s habit likely afforded him a richness we strive for in our work because he knew to combine them too. When description is the result of well considered, contextual and purposeful clarity, integration with the visual component is “where the magic happens.”

We design visual communications for the courtroom with our trademark empathy and inclusion in mind. As an example, we continue to improve the Suann Ingle Associates website with ADA compliant solutions, (narrated versions of any text are in progress). In doing so, we demonstrate our ability to widen audiences and reach more people in a deeper way.

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