Number 18 of 20 for 20 – Connection

photo of festive stamped yellow envelopes postmarked as return to senderWhen we finally mailed (via USPS) our tenth anniversary announcement cards after a 7-month pandemic related delay, we predicted that a good number of RETURN TO SENDER stickers would boomerang. Happy to report that the number of returns was manageable and smaller than we had feared, so we started reaching out to find them. Certainly, Thanksgiving is an apt time to reconnect with contacts.

Additionally, I realized the mailing was well worth the effort when we heard from those who seemed happy to open something with good news and connection (no matter the timing). It occurs to me that one of the beautiful effects of tactile and tangible touches is a longer shelf life. When you touch something that echoes good intention and a meaningful message, connection reigns supreme and resonates. That “click” of an electronic message may be instant and convenient, but it is hardly guaranteed to enrich or delight, especially after it evaporates into the upper regions of the air beyond the clouds.

When I opened my own mail last week to find a mug commemorating a Johns Hopkins half-day symposium I attended recently via video conference, I realized the power of that “extra-mile” we love to walk.

It occurs to me if you’re reading this, that you may enjoy a slow sipping mug made with love,

Please feel free to let me know where to send yours:

Warm Thanksgiving wishes, stay safe and diligent about

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