Number 16 of 20 for 20 – Ten Year Milestone

10 Year anniversaryI should not have been surprised when clients drove our recent decision to finally send out the long delayed USPS mailing that was meant to coincide with our tenth anniversary and some other activities. Watching the world around us, especially the courts, adjust to changing information, recommendations and pandemic related evidence each day, we have arrived at the point of “proceeding with precautions in place.”

The request to finally conduct an IN-PERSON mock trial (demonstrations to do it all via online platforms fell on deaf ears over the previous seven months) pushed us to consider the value of paper being sent through the mail as something important to touch. Judging by the responses we have received (albeit electronic), recipients seem pleased to receive something they could hold.

Long a staple of our toolbox, advice on the most razzle-dazzle courtroom presentations has invariably included a deliberate injection of touch. Risking the wrath of overworked paralegals one night during a three-week trial a few years ago, I suggested that juror binders tabbed with the relevant exhibits be distributed to the jury box instead of combining (and confining) video, scrolling text and pre-programmed, synchronous document callouts all to their individual screens during the presentations of designated testimony.

Turns out, that jurors appeared engaged in ways we did not see during the play of testimony for earlier witnesses when they had nothing to do with their hands. The idea that having something to touch possibly gave them a stake in the takeaways of the testimony.

Despite the delay, we are hoping recipients of our mailing feel the same, because most had a stake in our work somewhere along the way to our tenth anniversary.

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