Number 13 of 20 for 20 – In Real Life

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Computer Camera

Delivering online speeches or opening statements to a tiny little camera in lieu of a live audience is a timely topic given the political conventions that have just finished. There is a connection between the nimble transition both major parties made from in-person convening to remote success and the desire for our legal system to do the same.

However, we would be wise to remember that in-person meeting is vital to the existential experience of being human, especially when seeking justice. Remote technology is best viewed as a much needed bridge over a (hopefully) temporary gap.

One aspect of this new environment is that the practice of reading a speech has become more and more acceptable (much to my disappointment). One is left to wonder, what of the skill to jump off the proverbial diving board leaving notes and scripts behind and finding a flow? Groups like Toastmasters have been building these skills for decades. Certainly, the courtroom demands them. The true art of persuasion is not the result of good reading skills. Or is it?

A friend recently described the “pale-in-comparison” difference between attending an event by video and attending an event in person as the difference between watching a movie on your iPhone and enjoying it from a seat in the audience at a Broadway play.

No matter the sophistication of the technology used to connect people who are in different places (in court, in school, at play or at work), the experience will not be fully engaging or optimal. It behooves all of us to remember that these are temporary conditions that help keep us safe and connected until “in real life” returns.

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