Number 12 of 20 for 20 – In the Details

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Suann Ingle Coffee MugThe story of ordering a company branded coffee mug as part of our sponsorship of the American Society of Trial Consultants Annual Conference, provided enough material to fill one or two future blog posts about relationship marketing, business development and core values. For now, the question remains, “one logo or two?”

Our longtime premium supplier used a manufacturer that found itself understandably scrambling under COVID19 pressure given the timing of our order back in May.  As a result, our laser cut logo (embossed and beautiful) was printed on one side instead of both as we had ordered. The only thing to do at that moment was let the supplier know and be sure future orders were printed properly. The proof for the artwork had been miscommunicated and the mugs were distributed by the time anyone realized it.

Dealing with our disappointment at a lost opportunity to show we live in the details presented an opportunity. I found myself with time to find out: was my hunch correct that printing on both sides was better?

So each time we hear from someone who thanks us for thinking of them, we ask “is there anything you would improve about the design of the mug?”*

My favorite of course: “The logo might be nice on the other side too, especially since while drinking from it, you might want it to be seen by people around you, particularly in video meetings.”

And that is the missed opportunity I remain passionate to remember for our next order.

Suann Ingle Coffee MugEmpathy is a core value. We demonstrate its power when clients and contacts receive something as simple as a two sided mug, that makes them think, “huh, look at that, they thought about a way to avoid a front and backside.”

And what a beautiful logo.

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*Having learned that “what do you think of the logo only on one side?” leads people to the desire to make you feel good (“it’s fine, really beautiful, two would be overkill”). When pressed I did get people to admit that lefties might feel a little differently.