Number 10 of 20 for 20 – Intellectual Rigor

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Dr. Fauci

Among Anthony Fauci’s May 22, 2020 remarks to College of the Holy Cross graduates, was his abiding adherence to “Precision of Thought” and “Economy of Expression.” I was moved by his ability to tie those tenets (that have remained “his touchstones to this day”) to his current responsibilities as part of the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

His stamina reminds me of the best trial attorneys I’ve supported, who show up day after day in long trials that push the limits of their bodies and their minds.

A natural reminder of the core values upon which we founded SIA Decisive Trial Design in 2010, his words were reassuring. We continually find ourselves guided by similar principles as described in Chris Lowney’s HEROIC LEADERSHIP that are as challenging as they are illuminating. They have lit the path we walk and remain with us on every project we find ourselves working:

Extra Mile Approach: “yes we can,”
relentless pursuit of excellence
Curiosity: nurture wonder and awe
Attention: thrive in a changing and demanding environment
Fearless Communication: speak from the heart, feedback is a gift
Reflection and Self Improvement: apply feedback with courage and self-awareness
Empathy: focus on client perspective
Responsible Rest: find white space to breathe and restore

Examples of heroic leadership are all around us these days, mostly among those caring for others in need. We will look back on this time with a respect for the examples of the most effective communications and messaging that moved the most people to safety and slowed COVID-19 transmission. We’ve already seen spectacular information graphics that collect data and convey urgency. No doubt these examples of what worked will find their way into our toolboxes when the time is right.

Once the courts find their equilibrium in this sea of uncertainty, we’ll be there with our trademark willingness to help, arms wide open.

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