Jennifer McClanahan-Flint

Jenn is the founder of Food On Our Table, a career strategy firm that works with high-achieving professional working mothers in the banking, law and technology industries who are determined to ascend in their careers while remaining deeply connected to their families. Before starting her own practice, she spent fifteen years working as a law firm administrator and human resource professional at Skadden Arps and then at Foley & Lardner. An expert in administration, operations and human resources, she is certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) through the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI)

Jenn has a psychology degree from California State University. She is a guest facilitator for University of Southern California, Asian Pacific Studies department Korean-American Leadership Fellows program. Jenn regularly presents to the Women’s Intellectual Property Lawyers Association (WIPLA) and hosts a two-day work-life seminar at Google.

Douglas S. Rice

RN and PhD

Doug, is a Clinical Nurse Manager, Department of Human Genetics, at Emory Healthcare. In addition to his day to day management of the clinic, Doug is responsible for strategic long-range planning toward improved patient satisfaction and clinic productivity. He is routinely engaged in regulatory compliance and the changing requirements from governmental and accrediting agencies.

As a practicing jury consultant, Doug conceptualized the need for mid-tier litigation consulting services, wrote and executed the business plan for TrialLogix, a nationwide litigation consulting firm and served as President of TrialLogix from 1995-2000. Doug designed and implemented scores of jury research with a variety of client objectives and constraints. He is experienced in investigating jurors’ pre-existing attitudes and then reactions to case facts in a variety of civil and criminal matters. Doug remains fascinated with the dynamic relationship that exists between legal teams, their clients, the consulting support teams and the Courts.

Doug received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska and his PhD from the University of California with foci on quantitative methodology, ethnography, and organizational behavior. He graduated from the School of Nursing at Emory University in 2004. Doug is an expert in Organization Behavior and conducted research in organizational management, change management, training and development.