A Letter from the Founder

2016 marked a 20th anniversary for me. In the fall of 1996, from a small apartment on 18th street, I helped open the doors of, and hung a “shingle” for a little known trial support company based in Miami.

What fun it was to hit the ground running in one of the most dynamic legal markets in the world.

We began with a saleswoman, a design consultant, an artist and a reprographics team supporting us from Miami, a delivery van driver, a jury consultant and myself.

New York City had not seen the likes of the service we would deliver over the next few years, expanding to midtown and a much larger space only 5 months after we opened. We “disrupted” a white shoe industry with an energy and willingness to keep pace with an already demanding area of law, the trial. 24/7 was still a relatively new descriptor, and each of us wore a belt-clip device that was one step above the beeping kind in that someone at the control box could send us text messages – letters instead of numbers.

Eureka, wow. We were connected to each other before the rest of the world ventured into the new frontier called at the time, the Information Superhighway. How easy it was to stand out among our competitors who used an answering machine that remained unattended after hours.

Soon, we found ourselves always in trial somewhere, supporting attorneys who found the need for calm amidst chaos, for considered amidst contentious.

Driven solely by the desire to solve complicated problems – each one different from the last – I was present when technology found its way into the hands of attorneys who never thought they’d rely upon the unknown and untried to present facts and arguments to jurors and jurists all over the world.

I have been consistently enamored by the formality of the courtroom, the long and well thought-out architecture of blind justice. I still remember the first time I walked into a courthouse, in order to see our visual communications work in action (stay tuned).

So, what’s in this for you, you ask? Action. Support. Context. Alignment. Longevity.

Exposure to all the moments along the way that gives Suann Ingle Associates longevity in an arena that burns though the best of us. A longevity that comes with the rare ability to see things as if for the first time, ensuring you the freshness that trial demands.

Creative flow as a theme throughout the year. Focusing on honoring the process. Good things are in store with the end in mind. Inviting you to join us in searching for like-minded people we might add to our team. Send them our way. We are committed to training and we’re ready.

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2 thoughts on “A Letter from the Founder”

  1. Congratulations on your 20th anniversary!That’s a tremendous accomplishment and a testimonial to the great work, thinking, and partnership, you and your team bring to every client. Wishing you another successful 20.

  2. Congrats to you Suann-amazing that you are still thriving and excelling and growing – good for you! You have the patience of a saint and enormous talent! Am so proud of you!!

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